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Safe And Healthy Love

loveLove: tips to make it pleasurable and safe

Certain things in life are mandatory but considered a taboo though it is a basic biological requirement. Love or coitus is a physiological need of the body which enables procreation to continue the human race and is a common phenomenon with mammals and certain animals. But as a person with no knowledge or with fear of having love a lot f things need to b e clarified. This is because most of them women in particular fear love as they believe that it is painful for the first time.

Protection is more important than the pleasure aspect of love

Protection from STDs must be your prior concern even if you do not have an active love life or have only one love partner. There are many free clinics that conduct confidential STD testing and visiting them once in every four or six months really helps. Condoms are not just for contraception but also for prevention of STDs due to love contact.  Make certain that you always use the condoms unless your love partner provides you with the most recent test reports of STDs. Always get tested for STDs once in every four or six month even when you trust your love partner.

Despite the fact that love is for procreation, it has become a necessity today and not everyone having love are trying for babies. In such cases taking the right kind of fool proof precautions with contraceptives is essential. Contraceptive pills are the closest to the safest forms of contraception methods where even condoms are known to provide only 70% safe.

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