Reasons for Using Vivaldi Browser

VivaldiReasons for Using Vivaldi Browser –Most people have used Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, but not too many have heard of a new browser called Vivaldi. It has lots of powerful features and options and it is designed to work on Mac, Linux and Windows. The following are some reasons why you should try this new browser.

  • Fast Commands -This is one of the greatest options in this browser. Just press F2, start with typing and you can immediately search through your browsing history, bookmarks, links or you can search on internet. One key enables all. You also have the opportunity to create shortcuts of your own.
  • Tabs Stacking

This feature enables you to create tabs and place them in folders for easy access. This is done just by dragging one tab on top of other tab. You can group them depending on topic, site or in any way you choose.

  • Taking notes

This is very valuable tool located on the sidebar of the browser. You can organize your notes into folders, and you can also add attachments or screenshots to the notes.

  • Mouse shortcuts

With this feature you can easily close some tabs just by one swipe with the mouse, or you can open a tab by one flick.

  • Browsing side-by-side

This feature lets you view different web sites in the same browser stacked side-by-side. You can tile web pages vertically, horizontally or quarterly.

These are some, but there are many more features in Vivaldi such as rewind button, tab thumbnails, extension support, as well as many options for customization.

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