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PlayStation is Developing Games for Smartphones

playstation-mobile            PlayStation are planning to open a new subsidiary company named ForwardWorks, in order to develop most popular games for their Android and iOS mobile devices for Asian market. PlayStation plans to make this popular move, following the steps of their competitors Nintendo who already entered the smartphone applications market.

Nintendo`s pioneer application for smartphones called Miitomo debuted in Japan, but that application looks more like a social application rather than a game. Miitomo app asks its users different personal questions and later shares the answers with your friends.

Sony are trying something else, and their main goal is to offer traditional console games by using their existing games and include game characters in the new smartphone applications. Sony has tried once to get in the smartphone gaming market, but they failed to record a notable result.

A few years ago, Sony launched their mobile version called PlayStation Mobile, trying to bring games of Android gameklipsmartphones to their console called PlayStation Vita. They also started different promotions about Android smartphones that had the brand PlayStation Certified. However, PlayStation Mobile was not very popular among the users and there were not too many game titles for playing. Also PlayStation Vita did not bring any success and flopped immediately after appearing.

There are still not too many details about Sony`s plans for establishing ForwardWorks and which games would be developed first. However, this is a positive step towards filling the void in this sector of mobile games.

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