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New Smartphone Application Helps Visually Impaired People

opendet            Technology scientists from Harvard medical school have developed a new application for smartphones that will magnify the screen to Google Glass. That way the visually impaired people can use their head movements in order to navigate on the screen. This would be a much better option than using the standard zoom option on the smartphones, because there is no loss of site content.

The problem with the standard zoom-in function is that when people that have a low vision try to zoom in the content they only see a very small part of the screen. That makes it very difficult for them to navigate on the page. They find it hard to establish whether the zoomed position is in the corner or in the center of their smartphone screen. The newest application will transfer the screen image directly to Google Glass, and the smartphone users can easily control the part of the screen they are seeing just by using head movements.

This is especially good for almost two million middle-age Americans who are diagnosed with low vision. Sometimes people that have impaired vision have lots of difficulties when reading, especially smaller letters. This magnification application will be the most effective tool that will compensate for the low vision. Researchers did a great job by developing this application that will eliminate the limitations of the standard smartphone zoom.

Next step in this new technology project will be the incorporation of more features and gestures in the Google Glass for better interaction with mobile devices.

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