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Flexibility Exercises are Vital for Good Health

gymworkoutFlexibility Exercises are Vital for Good Health

Professional trainers advise doing flexibility exercises as a part of your daily workout routines. This is especially important as we age, because some joints are losing half of their normal motion as we grow older.

Most effective exercise programs and fitness regimes should involve flexibility exercises, cardiovascular training and strength building. They are all connected together, so skipping some part may prove to be counter-productive to your body. Some people are completely skipping the flexible exercises when starting to work out, which is a big mistake.

By steadily increasing the flexibility, your ability to move will rise rapidly. Studies have shown that joints can lose 50% of their normal motion as people get older. However, there are lots of ways for improving the flexibility of joints. These include simple stretches that last for about half a minute, more advanced stretches for better flexibility, as well as doing Pilates or yoga.

Why are the flexibility exercises vital for good overall health? Well, flexibility exercises proved to be very helpful in reducing pain in joints, as well as back pains. They also contribute towards better blood circulation, better movement of joints, they improve the health of the muscles and they also improve the athletic performances.  An important thing to remember before starting with flexibility exercises is to properly warm-up before actually starting to exercise. If you start exercising right away you risk different kinds of injuries. It is advisable to start stretching carefully and slowly, synchronizing the breathing together with the stretch in order to relax your muscles. Every stretch should last about thirty seconds. Avoid bouncing while doing stretching exercises because that way you risk getting injured. Also remember that stretching should be a pleasant activity and should not hurt. If it hurts or if you feel discomfort, try to relax, breathe deeply and proceed easily.


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